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Based on 325 reviews
Upper Moon 1 Hoodie
Jaire Borom

Love the fabric, the design and my girlfriend even loves her gift too

I like it alot


Such a good fit, amazing quality hoodie and detailed embroidery. Definitely one of the coolest items I ever bought

Great quality!!

Your work is amazing!

Dude I freaking LOVE my hoodie!! The quality is amazing. I'm very pleased and surprised at how quickly I got it since it was international. Definitely will be buying again!!

Upper Moon 1 Hoodie
Adriel Horton
My fav color

Really good material and designs

Amazing quality of stitching, hands down my favorite hoodie to wear all the time

Sun Breathing Hoodie
Nathan Smith
Yoriichi Hoodie

Give me a kiss, I ordered the Kokushibo one now too, going to be wearing them all through winter next year.

Loving my Kuttn jacket

Not much of an review just a comment, I found you on insta just going through my feed and I saw and products and started following you. I missed out on the original drop because I was worried about an over seas vendor but then I few months later you dropped my favorite jacket again and I just had to cop! The jacket came in so quick for coming from Singapore all the way to New York. And I couldn’t be happier this jacket is so made so well and looks great. I’m told so many people about your business and I will definitely be buying more! Don’t ever quit and please continue to make great anime merch!

Awesome stickers and tag

Better material than the sweatshirt that is paper thin


Very well made, stitching is on point!

The wano Sherpa is perfected I love it I also get compliments everywhere I go with it. I just wished I went a size up because I gotten bigger but I truly love the jacket thank you

Upper Moon 1 Hoodie
Nathan Bergstrom

Another great hoodie second I’ve bought. Love this company two of my favorite hoodies.

Love ur work

Wont be the first time I buy from you, keep up the good work

King of Hell V2 Hoodie
Mehmet Karadag
Best hoodie

This hoodie is the best thing i bought for the last 20 years

𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚏𝚎𝚌𝚝𝚘́, 𝚝𝚎 𝚊𝚖𝚘 𝙺𝚞𝚝𝚝𝚗🥺

I was expecting it to be a little bit larger, irregardless, it fits just as I wanted, without mentioning the quality is too tier .

Love the embroidery but the sweatshirt it's self is tissue paper thin

Red Hair Tshirt
Daniel Davis

Greatest Anime merch out

A company I’d buy from again

The quality of the hoodies is top tier. Customer service excellent! Somewhere that I’d like to spend my money at again

Red Hair Hoodie
Ali Tamimi

Very nice hoodie, love the small details, material feels nice too

Geto Suguru Tshirt
Vadims Siņakovs
Geto Suguru T-shirt

Its great T-shirt, really good quality, dense material. Id like to order more. But it's not 5 stars, because the size was to small, even I make measuares right

Upper Moon 1 Hoodie
Lukas Götzendorfer

As always Kuttn keeps putting out high quality heat!