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Based on 500 reviews

FREE Jet Tag or Sticker Slap

So dope!!!

Love getting a jet tag with my orders, I put them on my keys and I already have four 😭

Fox Devil Sweatshirt
Michael McCormack

Nothing more to report - great item!

Chainsaw Devil Hoodie
Mauricio Sotelo

Great product and great quality

King of Hell V2 Hoodie
Alexander Simpson-Soye

Amazing quality. Very impressed. Will be back for more!!!🔥🔥🔥

Fox Devil Hoodie
Nabil Ramzey

Nice design and quality. Worth the price

Awesome sweaters!

I ended up getting the Zoro and Shanks hoodie and they're both AMAZING! The embroidery is bigger than I thought it would be and the fit is perfect! I have found these sweaters fit pretty true to size. The shipping was also very fast. I will definitely be on the look out for more of their drops and be looking to purchase more in the future!

Chainsaw Devil Hoodie
Connor Dowling
design is peak

firs really well and very comfy, design is clean. i’m 6’1 and got an xxl for the oversize feel and fits perfectly to how i’d like. took a bit to get too me but worth the wait

King of Hell V2 Hoodie
Connor Dowling
very high quality

took a while to get to me but was worth the wait, i’m 6’1 and sadly the xxl was sold out, i got an xl and it fits well but would have liked the extra length of the xxl.

Fox Devil Hoodie
Andres Regalado
Hoodie Speaks For Itself!!!

I HAD to buy this hoodie. I don’t know how else to convince anyone on the fence on whether or not to buy from this brand but do it. Don’t regret missing out on an amazing piece because you’re unsure of the quality! It’s the kind of material and stitching that I haven’t seen in at least over 10 years it feels sturdy and like the kind of clothing you used to buy not that lightweight, easily shrinkable, couple use clothes. Artwork and details are crisp, I got a free keychain tag as well, delivered earlier than estimated, overall really happy, satisfied, and pleased. Almost didn’t leave a review but I felt like I wanted to, to let y’all know it’s legit.

King of Hell V2 Hoodie
Andres Regalado
A Must Have!!

I cannot be more satisfied with the quality of the hoodie! Normally I am skeptical buying anime clothing or merch because it tends to be a lesser quality, but these hoodies have weight to them. The quality of the stitching is thick and tight so I don’t feel like it’ll unravel. I myself was surprised by the weight of the hoodie but I love that. I feel like they actually take the time and care in their product quality and brand. I became a customer and fan for sure and hopefully I can get some new hoodies that are coming out, the new jjk and one piece drops look amazing. Really satisfied and happy!

Geto Uzumaki Hoodie

Great quality hoodie and and arrived soon after placing my order. The sticker and jet tags were also a lovely surprise. My only critique is that (to my knowledge) exchanges are not available should the garment not fit correctly.


Red Hair Hoodie
Zayn Tippitt
The hoodie is great

The hoodie is everything I was looking for. I love the design and think the quality is very nice. The front image is a little stiff and bends sometimes when I lay down with it, but should soften over time so I’m not too worried. Over all love the hoodie.

Upper Moon 1 Hoodie
Daniel Duenas

good quality fast shipping and free stickers and keychain decorations

Wano jacket

Best jacket of all time worth the money and love the free gift


pretty good

Really good design

I really love the design ! But I've rated 4/5 stars instead of 5/5, because the material in the inside of the jacket ( the black side ) could be more comfortable/smooth on the skin and also when the black side is on the outside the jacket feels more tight so maybe make it a tiny bit more bigger just so it has a good fit on both sides. Also thanks for all the amazing stickers and keychains!

Great Quality! comfy and my Bf loved it!

Zoro Hoodie

Although the price is very high in my personal opinion, I still believe in quality and this hoodie is amazing. I picked it because it’s in my favorite color and zoro is on it. The quality is amazing, very light, comfortable, and warm for not being a heavyweight hoodie. I’d definitely purchasing another hoodie whenever I get a chance or a certain design catches my attention.


I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this hoodie. The detail is amazing! One of the nicest ones I’ve ever ordered online. Will definitely order again!

Red Hair Hoodie
James Barton
Awesome jacket

Comfy, looks great, love it


It took awhile to arrive but it is everything my grand daughter hoped it would be. She is very happy. The quality is fantastic.

King of Hell V2 Hoodie
Mugiwara no zoro

W zoro hoodie 101% recommend!!

Very nice quality, fast shipping!

Got this as a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it! The stickers were a great bonus.