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JK X OP PREORDERS is currently in PHASE 2
Phase 1:  2 Weeks
Preorder will take place from DEC 10th 5 PM EST to DEC 24th 11:59 PM  EST. During this phase, we will collect all orders and allow amendments of size, address, etc. After this phase there will be no order changes as everything will be placed for bulk production. Production begins on DEC 25th
Phase 2: 8 Weeks + (Estimated to ship early - mid March)
Production will take 8 weeks or more depending on the quantities of orders, additional process and delays. Seasonal period takes longer to produce. Everything is cut and sew hence production will take a lil bit longer. Not to worry, as we will always be giving order updates on our IG stories/highlights & emails.

-December 25th: All orders have been counted and finalized, will begin ordering fabric for production to being. 

-December 27th: Fabric have arrived for Sherpa, button-up and hoodies.
Made few adjustments on the detailing of the embroidery with the manufacturing before going full on production. 

-December 30th: Fabric have been cut into shaped and ready to be place for embroidery. Napa leather material for wallet arrived and ready to be place into the pattern mold. T-shirts have arrived to me, doing QC and will start embroidery and printing.

-January 14th: Button up are about done, left with sewing on the sleeves and button. Rest of the hoodies and Sherpa are still on the embroidery machines. Adjustments on the wallet design, adding magnets at the lip of the wallet to securely close the wallet, additional premium feel - no added cost to your orders.

-January 25th: Nika Hoodie, Battle Hoodie & Ratio Technique Hoodie are about done. Left with sewing of hood, sleeves and pockets. Wallet production is currently in full swing. 

-January 28th: Festive season for the manufactures (celebrating Lunar New Year) and will begin production back in 3rd week of Feburary. About 80% of all production are done and we are left with Malevolent Shrine Hoodie, Sherpa jacket to be embroidered and sew into shape. Everything is right on track. Next update will be on late February.

-Feburary 28th:  Production resume, in full swing. we are left with Malevolent Shrine Hoodie and Sherpa Jacket

-March 7th: Sherpa is done, bulk production for wallet is complete. Waiting for wallet shipment to arrive to me. We are left with only Malevolent Shrine Hoodie.Everything should be completed by next week!

-March 14th: Production is completed!!! Everything is in transit to me right now. Waiting to receive them by next week! Will do QC and ship them out immediately
once I received them!

Phase 3: +- 1 Week
When everything are successfully received by us, we will ship them out immediately through the order sequence that was placed. For local orders, delivery take about 1-2 days via Qxpress. For international orders, delivery takes about 5-7 days via
DHL Premium Express / FedEx International Priority® 
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