Drop 7: AoT x Demon Slayer Preorders🗝👺

Thank you so much for another successful drop.
Grateful that you guys care for the stuff we make❤️
We appreciate your support and patience!


Phase 1: 5 days

Preorder will take place from 24th Feb 1pm SGT to 1st March 1pm SGT. During this phase, we will collect all orders and allow amendments of size, address, etc. After this phase there will be no order changes as everything will be placed for bulk production.

Phase 2: 3-5 weeks

Production will take 3-5 weeks or more depending on the quantities of orders, additional process and delays.
Every apparel is carefully embroidered and production will take a lil bit longer.
Not to worry, as we will always be updating our production orders on our IG highlights.

Phase 3: +- 1 week

When everything is successfully  embroidered, we will ship them out immediately through the order sequence that was placed.
For local orders, delivery take about 1-2 days via Speedpost.
For international orders, delivery takes about 3-5 days via DHL Express.

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For order enquires email kuttnmail@gmail.com


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